You are eligible for a refund in the following cases:

    1. Your service has not yet begun and you would like to cancel it.

(We take ourselves 3% of the order amount)

    2. We will refund your money if for some reason we were not able to execute the order.
(Full refund*)

3. In case your order is in progress and you would like to cancel it, you are eligible for a partial refund.

(We will refund you no more than 60% of the order amount)

4. Pre-order services,  after payment within 2 days, we will refund you the full amount* (at your first request). 

4.1. If more than 2 days have passed since the moment of payment, we take 20% of the order amount. 

4.2. If less than a week is left before the release (new game, update), and you want to cancel the order and return the money, we take 40% of the order amount as compensation

*Customer assumes all the commission for the return of funds from payment systems

In other cases, we do not issue a refund



We cannot be held responsible for any Blizzard actions, since those are external issues we cannot predict nor eliminate. We don't offer refunds for the orders we successfully complete. After you accept our Terms of Use, you will be responsible for any violation of the mentioned act, also we won't be obligated to offer any refund.

All services are provided at the client's risk. Site services may be prohibited by the rules of some games, and the game administration has the right to impose sanctions or even to block the client's account. By purchasing the service, the client thereby agrees with these and confirms his awareness of this, freeing the Site Owners from any responsibility related to the foregoing.