Leveling 1-60 WoW Classic

+60% Movement Speed Mount


ETA: 2-3 Weeks



We have always been honest with you, so we say everything as it is in reality. At the moment, Blizzard is actively struggling with leveling in the classics, since this method of leveling involves the "account sharing", it is not safe at the moment. Perhaps after a while, Blizzard will stop actively fighting this. We guarantee that the leveling will be carried out by a professional player, as well as he will use the your country's VPN for maximum security. If locked in the classic, your BFA account will also be locked. The lead time for the leveling will take about 2-3 weeks, unless of course there are problems with the server. We will leave all the gain during leveling on the character, the amount of gold in the classes can vary significantly (since, for example, a priest needs to buy abilities for 2 specializations at once, for leveling in dungeons and performing quests). If the account is blocked after reaching the 60th level, the order is deemed completed and a refund is not possible. If the account is blocked before reaching level 20, we will return the full amount to you, after reaching level 21 we can return only % of the amount you paid (for example, if your account was blocked, but we managed to leveling 50 levels, we will refund you only 20% of the total amount). When paying for this service, you confirm that you have been notified and read about the return policy and the danger of purchasing.


If you do not agree with our refund policy or are afraid of an account suspension, we recommend that you refuse this service for how much it is currently very unsafe. The only thing we can advise you (if you really very want to play classic) is to register a new account, purchase game time on it and play wow classic on a new account, so that if the new classic account is suspended, your main account BFA will not be suspended either.



Leveling can begin within a few hours after payment, due to the large number of orders

WoW Classic Leveling 1-60

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