Mechagon Hardmode + Aerial Unit R-21/X EU

- Full Mechagon clear with the experienced party.
- A chance to loot 415ilvl items from every boss of the all dungeon.
- Some amount of AP (for Heart of Azeroth).
- "Vision of Perfection" essence / Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential for lvl 2 essence upgrade / х1 Progression Sprocket for lvl 3 upgrade (Based on essence lvl or even have you got this essence before)
- "Aerial Unit R-21/X" mount.
- "Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes" achivement.
- We are fully guarantee all 430 loot from dungeon, and all possible to trade 430+ procs, if trader can. Blizzard's personal loot system is not allowed to trade all 430+
loot from dungeons, only if traders have same or higher item for this slot.

- Account Share or Self Play

Mechagon Hardmode + Aerial Unit R-21/X EU

€26.00 Regular Price
€16.00Sale Price

EU Working hours 14:00 CEST to 01:00 CEST

US Working hours 08:00 am EDT to 07:00 pm EDT

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