We will increase your average character equipment level

The increase will occur in mythic + dungeons and possibly in a raid (heroic mode).

The service is provided for one character specialization, and does not guarantee that you will receive the best stats for your specialization.


The service is provided through "Account Sharing"


Normal Type Boost provides solo-booster, so it takes more time, if you don’t have time and you need it as quickly as possible, you can select the option Express boost. Express boost provided by the team that will do this through Mythic+ (only available on EU)


ETA for Normal Type Boost:

370 ILVL - [1 Day]

380 ILVL - [1 Day]

390 ILVL - [1 Day - 2 Days]
400 ILVL - [1 Day]
405 ILVL - [1 Day - 2 Days]
410 ILVL - [1 Day - 2 Days]
415 ILVL - [2 Days]

420 ILVL - [2-3 Days]

425 ILVL - [5-6 Days]

430 ILVL - [7 Days]

435 ILVL [ONLY EU] - [15 Days]

ETA on US +50%


ETA for Express Type Boost Only EU:

400 ILVL - [16 HRS]

405 ILVL - [20 HRS]

410 ILVL - [24 HRS]

415 ILVL - [24 HRS]

420 ILVL - [1-2 Days]

425 ILVL - [3 Days]

430 ILVL - [5 Days]

Gearing ILVL Boost

Desired Average ILVL
Type Boost


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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

EU Working hours 13:00 CET to 23:30 CET

US Working hours 08:00 am EDT to 08:00 pm EDT

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