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Preparing for Shadowlands

Shadowlands Global Launch on October 26th (NA) / 27th (EU), which means that we do not have much time to prepare.

Decide which characters you will play in the new expansion, and of course you need to prepare them for a comfortable start to the game in Shadowlands. Our mythic dungeons, raids, as well as gearing packages will help you with this.

But also do not forget that some rewards will become unavailable a little earlier, when the pre-patch is released.

It will be mount "Awakened Mindborer" which is given as a reward for achieving "Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season Four" the achievement will also become unavailable "Mad World" (contact us for information) , also for "Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor" and "Cutting Edge: N'Zoth the Corruptor" from heroic mode you will get 100% beautiful mount , and with mythic mode we sell a great mount (mythic Nzoth available only in EU region). Will become unavailable achievement from Mechagon Hardmode "Hertz Locker" as a reward you will be given the 4th (legendary) essence level Vision of Perfection, as well as for a small surcharge, we will give you a Mechagon Mount "Aerial Unit R-21/X"

Do not forget about the wonderful mount, which will be very difficult to get after the release of Shadowlands its "Glacial Tidestorm" (available only on EU Region, soon we will add to US region)

So that you can prepare well, we give all readers of our blog a 7% discount on any service code "BCBLOG"

Accounts Sale

We started selling WoW accounts, so far it's only BFA EU accounts, but soon we plan to add US BFA and WoW Classic accounts.

Let's talk a little about these accounts, we do not buy someone's account and then resell them. Our team creates an account by itself, registers an account with a fake name. And then we gearing and boost this character ourselves.

The account has Shadowlands Heroic Edition and Level 110 Character Boost. This is a very good option to start playing in a new expansion on this character. Fake names on account guarantees you that you can change your name and surname through the support service, as well as the country, and then you can (if you wish) transfer this account with the character to your account. This account will also be a good gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend to play together in the new expansion. We guarantee that this account with the character, after purchase becomes yours for all 1000% , since this account was created by our team.

For those who have read this to the end, we give a 15% discount on the purchase of an account, code "BCACC"

Regards Team

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